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India Trip Item Checklist



  1. Passport
  2. Airline Tickets
  3. 500 USD cash
  4. 200 USD in traveller's checks
  5. Electricity convertor
  6. Lots of earplugs (bring some on plane!)
  7. Pictures of loved ones!


  1. 3 pants, 2 shorts
  2. windbreaker
  3. sweatshirt
  4. Rain poncho
  5. Hats (with decent size brims)
  6. Small umbrella
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Flip-flops
  9. Cheap sneakers
  10. Hiking sneakers
  11. 5 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve shirts
  12. 7 days socks/underwear
  13. Bathing suit


  1. Pens (for village children) and candy (for city children)
  2. Garbage/cloth bag for dirty clothes
  3. Wire fishing line for tying up things
  4. Little camera, big camera, holders
  5. Small camera tripod
  6. All kinds of reading material
  7. Magic marker to mark film canisters
  8. Reading glasses
  9. Notepads
  10. Screwdriver for glasses
  11. Small magnifying glass
  12. Many sandwich bags
  13. Scissors
  14. Immersion heater for heating water
  15. Cleaning cloth for glasses
  16. Small needle and thread kit
  17. Glue

Travel Aids

  1. Lonely Planet Guidebook
  2. Rough Guide Guidebook
  3. Lonely Planet Hindu Phrase book
  4. Sheets for ashram stays
  5. Blow up pilllow
  6. Sleeping bag pouch (for dirty hotel beds)
  7. Backpack for day trips, walking around
  8. Map of India
  9. Reading light
  10. Small calculator (for money conversion)


  1. First Aid kit
  2. Doxycline (all purpose antiobiotic, especially good for 'traveller's diarrhea)
  3. Immodium-AD
  4. Swiss-Criss (natural laxative)
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Melatonin (natural sleeping and jet-lag agent, highly recommended, sets body rythms to local time)
  7. Kyolic (garlic medicine)
  8. Nutrobiotic (natural antibiotic made from grapefruit seeds)
  9. Vitamin B,C
  10. Tissues: Small packages
  11. Bactine-like products
  12. Disinfectant liquid (in hand-soap dispenser, very useful)
  13. Towelettes for hands
  14. Nail clippers (never bite your nails in India!)
  15. Mylanta (indigestion medicine)
  16. Bandaids
  17. Oscillococcinum (Homeopathic flu medicine)
  18. Pepto-Bismol tablets (very useful!)
  19. Chlorella tablets, spirulina
  20. Throat Lozenges
  21. "Green Ban" mosquito repellant
  22. Hypodermic needles (in case you have to go to the hospital)


  1. Flashlights
  2. Knives (Swiss/multi-purpose, other sharp knife)
  3. Cable lock (useful in trains to lock suitcase to train, prevents walking away...)
  4. Small locks (always keep all bags locked)
  5. Money belt and/or passport pouch
  6. Clock radio alarm device (check Sharper Image)


  1. Dictaphone and tape (to capture the sounds of India)
  2. Laptop computer ( I brought a cheap one to carry along)
  3. Floppy disks
  4. Extra laptop battery
  5. Airmail paper
  6. Several good pens


  1. High protein snacks (peanut butter, nuts)
  2. Dried soups/dehydrated food
  3. Herbal teas
  4. Turkey-jerky (for a quick protein pickup)
  5. Energy bars
  6. Comfort food