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Phil's Journals

Journal of Awakening

The flagship text from my orignal web site:

In 1995 I underwent a quickening of the spiritual process that was beyond my wildest expectations. The inensity of the process resulted in a radical and (eventually) stable recognition of my real nature, and in another defining moment, the recognition of the non-separate, non-local, and dreamlike nature of all existence. This journal,comprising a time span of 16 months, is a highly detailed account of my experiences and, though it contains some spiritual jargon, is meant for anyone at any level of spiritual maturity,who is not only interested in the spiritual process, but also in a description of very real results of practice.

Phil's 1998 India Travelogue

In late 1998, I had the fortuitous circumstance of a company sabbatical, along with saved up vacation time (and extra money), afforded me the opportunity to travel to India for a two month tour of that amazing country.

The pages of the travelogue are the results of a journal that I kept during the 2 month trip from October to December 1998. During my travels, I carried a cheap laptop, wrote a daily travelogue journal and published the transcript over the internet to a group of friends and aquaintances, utilizing an ever growing array of Internet cafes in India.

This 'story' has been cleaned up for proper grammar and spelling, and numerous pictures have been added to create a pictoral travelogue, but the text remains, for the most part, intact from the original.

Spiritual Diary

This diary of my life experience comes in the form of poetry, with a variety of poetic styles generating one or more poems daily, starting in March 2001 and up to the present moment.

Though the greats of poetry will certainly not feel threatened by the onslaught of this newly found expression, and I won't be quitting my day job for a position of poet laureate, they are really songs of my heart.

The daily poems come directly from pre-verbal inspirations during meditation sittings, for the most part, (I keep a pen and notepad in my pocket while I sit) and reflect the joy and freedom of Spirit that has enriched my life and made me feel like a immeasurably fortunate human being.

Jump Start:
A Spiritual Initiation

This journal is actually two journals in one:

In 1974, my spiritual journey was initiated at the age of 18 in a bar! There I was, sipping some brewskies at the Library, a combo restaurant & bar on Bailey Ave. in Buffalo, NY, and discovered a book on the shelf, Here Lies The Heart, the autobiography of a Spanish artist, Mercedes de Acosta, whom, at a critical point in her life, goes to India and meets the great Sage Ramana Maharishi.

What Ramana said to the woman totally changed the direction of my life, and was an initiation of my own heart impulse to realization. Needless to say, I bought the book from the bar, and still have it to this day. This is a detailed account of that event and contains a portion of the book, a wonderful "lila" (or story) of Ramana Maharishi which I'm sure few have probably ever heard.

Early Life Journal

In 1994, I gifted my parents with a journal of the first seven years of my life, based on a memory technique called mind-mapping to bring forth as many points of memory from that time as possible. This may not be all that interesting to you as a reader, but if you grew up as a New Yawker in the 50's and if you are Italian American, I think you would enjoy it, as it may evoke some of your old ethnic and ancestral memories of the past. Consider it a cross between the Wonder Years and an Italian version of a Neil Simon play.