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Spiritual Diary

One night as I was taking a walk, in a moment of inspiration, a poem came to consciousness. I came home to write it down and rediscovered a a wonderful and continual form of expression. As someone motivated to describe opinions, views and experiences in precise detail, often with much verbosity, it was a 180 degree turn-around, using minimal wording to communicate my life experience. The poem, the first in this current diary, goes as follows:



The night sky and deep space,
such intimate friends.
We're cut from the same cloth.

This is not an ordinary diary, describing one's reactions to daily events. My physical life is just not that interesting for publication! On the other hand, as in the "Lion's Roar of Dharma", which states that all situations are workable, the events throughout my day are the grounds by which many of the entries are based.

Almost all of the entries are in the form of poetry. I've found poetry a succinct means to evoke symbolism and enact a kind of communication in which the original inspiration is kept intact in a minimal number of words. For an excellent description of the act and style of poetry, see Roger Rosenblatt's summation of T.S. Eliot's poetry (and poetry in general) on Page 1 of my 2001 poetry page.

For the most part, the poems to follow were inspirations that came into being during my morning meditation sittings (in my spacious meditation hall, the great outdoors of my backyard). The content of most of the entries revolve around spiritual, personal and collective psychological and transpersonal themes, reflecting some of my most inspired moments.

By clicking on a particular day, starting from April 1, 2001, the bottom portion of the diary page will be populated with the first poem I wrote for that day. More often than not there are multiple entries per day - the bottom of the page states how many entries there are for that day, plus navigation buttons to go forward and backward.

If, for any reason, the little calendar disappears from view or goes blank, right click in that area of the screen and select "Reload frame" (Netscape) or "Refresh" (Internet Explorer).


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