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Poems 1995 (2)

Who Am I?

I am the place between
the inbreath and outbreath.
I am the space between
two thoughts.
I am the comfortable silences
between two people.
I am the eating gorilla
who comes in peace.
I am the roaring lion,
and the newborn baby.

I am the implicate order,
giving rise to the explicate order.
I am that which gives birth
to time and space.
I am no-movement, utter stillness,
the eye of the hurricane.
I am the same one as the
smart-alec giving Darshan.

I am the musk deer,
who found its organ of musk.
I am the one who never could be found
if hunted,
and the one who could never be lost.
I am what's looking out of other
peoples' eyes, and my own eyes.
I am eternal being, no-seeking,
devoid of qualities.

So simple, so ordinary!
An open secret.
A silly joke, really.
So easily missed, right
underneath one's nose.

My Destiny

I am angry,
I am jealous.
Ah, Jealousy does not come close; there is no shade of green
to match what I feel.
I am livid.
I cannot bear their stories of full awakening (my three amigos).
That is MY destiny.
How dare they!
I insist it, I DEMAND It.
If it isn't my destiny, I'll find the SOB who wrote my destiny,
and kick his ass until he changes it.

I refuse any and all forms of limitation.
I vow to make my life one of sacrifice.
How can it be any other way?
Anyone who supports my process to full awakening is my friend;
Anyone else, stay the fuck out of my way!

I will not be stopped, though I have no power to manipulate.
This is ALL that I want.
Everything else is useless.
I'll make it my destiny, somehow, someway.
I'll call upon everyone, everything, every force.
I can be so annoying if I have to be.

I cannot bear a single iota of separation, unenlightenment.
No more screens, no more caves, no more amnionic sacs.
I will be so HERE that the entire world
will be a speck of dust in my body of Consciousness.
I will MAKE it happen by the force of my intention.
I will die any number of deaths in order for it to be.

I don't have time, my patience is running out.
Whatever must occur, let it happen a.s.a.p.
I do not have a choice in this matter.
These words are the residue of the heat of my own heart.

That being said, I embrace my life and all that arises.