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Poems 1995 (3)

Memo #14506.8 to all Seekers:
Give It Up

Give it all up.
Give up your past.
Give up all hopes of the future.
Give up your knowledge,
give up your experience.
Give up your ideas,
give up your seeking.
They haven't brought you
lasting freedom yet, have they?

Give up your body,
give up your mind.
Give up your passions,
give up your lethargy.
Give up your beauty,
give up your ugliness.
Give up your wealth,
give up your poverty.
If any thing is left, give that up too.

Give up your wisdom,
give up your stupidity
Give up your self-image,
give up your public face.
Give up your arrogance
give up your low self-esteem
See what's left and give it up too.

Give up the idea of freedom,
give up the notion of bondage.
Give up your precious insights
give up what you haven't realized yet.

Give up your lovers,
give up your enemies.
Give up your feelings,
give up your armor.
Give up your pride,
give up your insecurites.
Give up all forms,
and discover what you are.

Give up all hierarchies,
give up all equalities.
Give up your process,
give up your inertia.
Give up your eccentricities,
give up your conventionalities.
Give up your specialness,
give up your ordinariness.

Give up your body.
Give up your energy.
Give up your higher mind.
Give up your primitive mind.
Give up your idea of existence.
Give up your idea of non-existence.
Give up your fear of giving up.

Give up your your hopefulness,
Give up your fear of failure.
Give up your strengths,
give up your weaknesses.
Let it all go,
and stand as naked self-awareness

Give up your bliss,
give up your despair.
Give up notions of progress,
give up ideas of stuckness.
Give up your happiness,
give up your sorrow.
Give up your pains,
give up your pleasures.
Strip down naked,
to the bone marrow of existence

Give up tenderness,
give up cruelty
Give up expansiveness,
give up contraction.
Give up your teachers,
give up your studentship.
Give up all objects,
give up your subject.
Recklessly abandon yourself,
and recognize what is Original.

Give up enlightenment,
give up bondage.
Give up nirvana,
give up samsara.
Give up all effort,
give up on giving up.
Fall through yourself
and recognize the Unborn.

Give up your clarity,
give up your confusion.
Give up your goals,
give up you lack of direction.
Give up your yin,
give up your yang.
Give up duality,
give up oneness.
Recognize what doesn't lie anywhere!

It's not this and not that,
and its not inbetween.
Let the joy of neti-neti
completely consume you.