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Spiritual Poetry


Melting into the landscape
sounds and lights
pass through me unimpeded.
"I" is thinner than a breeze.

Bodhisattva Prep

Sitting outside in meditation,
rap music wafts from next door.
Is the the brothers' payback
for the sins of slavery?
Usually obnoxious,
the power of awareness
outlasts its hate.

So much hurt and fear
behind the angry message,
visions of deep suffering,
beings in great pain.
Well suited preparation
for meditation in hell.


Soft belly
soft heart
Soft senses
soft body,
no different than space.
No solidity anywhere.
All so dream-like.
Assumptions of reality overturned
like highway wreckage.


Becoming defenseless,
utterly vulnerable
as a new born babe.
Understanding penetrates,
cracking the bones
of delusion and suffering,
uprooting the pilings
of self assumption,
dispersing the cramp
of self knot.
Spacious, free awareness remains.

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