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Spiritual Maturity Test:
The Eight Worldly Dharmas

What indicates that one has understood something about the nature of mind?

Just as smoke indicates the presence of fire, so does one's attitude indicate the presence of true understanding. With deeper understanding one's attention and attachment to the eight worldly dharmas diminishes. Obsessive attachment or aversion to these false dharmas disappears.

  Gain - to be attached to having things go your way
  Loss - to be disturbed by unpleasant things or things not going your wy
  Pleasure - to be attached to receiving pleasure
  Pain - to be upset at having pain
  Praise - to be attached to having good words said about you or your actions
  Blame - to be displeased when you are blamed or slandered
  Fame - to be attached to having fame
  Obscurity - to be displeased about being not well known