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Song of Experience In Clear-Light Cave

Milarepa left White Rock Horse Tooth Cave and returned again to the Clear Light Cave of Gungthang. While he was staying there clear illumination grew stronger in this concentrated mind and he sang this song.

Homage to my holy lama!
I, the yogi Milarepa offer my experience and realization
to all meditators of the ten directions.

My mind is relaxed in its natural state
without rigidity or tension through gentle,
undistracted cultivation.

I look straight ahead with the eye of critical awareness,
station behind the watchman of recollective awareness,
and hold body and mind comfortably alert.

My mind rests in its natural state,
unaffected by drowsiness or depression.
The aberrations of mind's eye
and the various experiences during tranquilization
dissolved and sent back to their natural place.

In the experience of thought free tranquilization
the clear mind possesses its own force,
naked, limpid and pure.
This is correct tranquilization experience.
Some claim this is insight, I don't agree.

So upon the horse of good tranquilization
I mount awareness which comprehends the
selflessness of both persons and things
through fine inspection by analytic wisdom.

Carrying as provisions my lama's blessings
which were sought with plaintive prayer,
I'm accompanied by wisdom and method
with personalities of voidness and compassion.

Driven on by the profound,
great iron goad of strongly motivated good wishes,
I look again and again at basic reality with gentle,
undistracted cultivation,
free from hope and from despair.

Know that having traveled this good meditation path,
I see it now with insight.

Know I've arrived in the untraveled country,
know I have flour without grinding.

Know that I watch the unseen spectacle.

Know that I've found an auspicious homeland.

Know that I've found a constant consort.

Know I proved welfare for my self and others.

These are the treasure of Milarepa;
If I'm on the wrong path, please set me straight.

Eh ma! Till you practicers of the ten directions
attain perfect buddhahood don't deny cause
and effect of action!

Till you've realized the actual state,
don't make senseless, empty talk!

Till you're able to exchange your interests with others'
don't say, "I've attained the production stage!"

Till both stages are attained, don't say, "
I'm a yogin of secret mantras!"

While tranquilization experience is still jumbled
and illusory appearances in dream confused,
don't give out meaningless prophesies claiming
to have supernormal perception.

Stong confidence in the lama's precepts sprang up in his disciples. They made renewed efforts in undistracted practice of the profound river-Iike current of yoga.