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Ultimate View, Meditation, Conduct, and Fruition

The view is original wisdom which is empty
Meditation clear light free of fixation
Conduct continual flow without attachment
The fruition is nakedness stripped of every stain

This view, the original wisdom which is empty
Risks getting lost in just being talk and no more
If certainty which is in touch with what's meant does not follow
The words will not manage to free you of clinging to self
And that's why definitive certainty means so much.

The meditation-free of clear light fixation
Risks getting lost in just being settling
If original wisdom does not emerge on inside
You might settle steadily but this will not set you free
But wisdom does not come of dullness and agitation
And that's why non-wandering mindfulness means so much.

This conduct, continual flow without attachment
Risks getting lost in only being a pretense
If the view and meditation are not included
The eight worldly dharmas may mix with your yogic pursuits
And that's why not having attachments and veils means so much.

Fruition as nakedness stripped of every defect
Risks getting clothed in the garments of attributes.
If delusion is not overcome from its source on the inside
Your practice may aim very far, but fall very short,
And that's why correcting delusion means so much.

Translated by Jim Scott 24.8.1995