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Spiritual Poetry

Weather Report

At one point, the whole world
was a dance of magical wonder -
enchanting, exciting, engaging.
But it turned an ugly head
as soon a 'self' solidified:
A frightening, chaotic showcase,
it screamed, 'Other!', Danger!, Distant!

Locked in and bewildered
by geysers and volcanoes
on the inner landscape
a hurt so unbearable
I had to find a resolution...

...many years later,
c onclusions have been reached
in my life's most joyous chapter.
The self has been seen for what it is
and in the aftermath
the dilemma of the world has melted
like butter on a pancake.
The raging torrents of confusion
from the outflows of conceptual mind
beginning a long season of drought.

And inner storms and cyclones
given way to new weather patterns:
clear days ahead,
occasional periods of rain
and the world sings a different song,
marriage vows of unity
have emerged from depth unknown
and the heart embraces all as its own
in an indefinable space of joy.

Poetic Justice?

If language is the commerce
of icons, imagery and symbols,
is then not most communication
a form of mediocre poetry?

Deep Space 9

There's a wormhole in the heart
to send one through
to the free dimension,
transcending time and space;
this tiny passage,
no baggage of self
can make the journey.
And thus embarking,
the quickening proceeds...

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