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Spiritual Poetry


Shiny birds dart about the lawn
in the bright morning sun
intent upon worm and seed,
narrow in search and vision,
oblivious to the moon, the sun, the sky.


The Titanic was sunk in a sea of icebergs,
and the vast ocean of existence,
filled with innumerable sentient beings,
everyone an iceberg, apparently,
hardened with burdens of karma
obtained through lives of ignorance
with sharp edges of fear and sorrow.

I see the iceberg-ness in my own case
a mixture of attributes
some exception, some benign,
some bad, some awful,
but I've noticed something wonderful
through profound, graceful help,
the bright shine of pure Awareness
and the radiant warmth of essential nature,
that hardened iceberg of brittle suffering,
has been melting and cracking for some years.

Just as in an iceberg, one's karmic burden
is mostly unseen,
and the cracking off of chunks of confusion,
through the goodness of sheer Awareness,
brings more content to the ocean's surface
so that it to can melt and dissipate
and return itself to the stuff of the sea.

And in that melting, a great space is Evident,
and the ensuing lightness a taste of Freedom,
thus serving to heighten the rays
of intrinsic Awareness and raising the bar of innate radiance
rendering aeons of hardened ice
to the soft tranquility of the mother sea.

Ultimate Guru

The greatest Guru is pure Awareness
it has revealed more than
all my teachers combined,
and it is not even a 'thing'!

However it's taken many a year
and many a Guru
to allow me to utter
this radical statement
without it being
a strategy of avoidance
or spiritual lip-service.

The greatest 'external' Guru
makes the 'inherent' Guru Evident
graduates another, sets them free.

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