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Spiritual Poetry

Inside Out

The heart turned out
nervous system reverses course,
self-sense disperses everywhere
the body infinite
the vision boundless.

Funny Place

It's a dream
and it's not a dream.
It's real
and it's not real.
It's solid
and not solid.
A place of unspeakable suffering,
and a place of boundless bliss.
A realm full of hatred and fear,
and a realm of compassion and joy.

Standing amidst all opposites
conflicting imperatives,
and ungraspable dichotomies,
boundless space to hold it all
becomes readily Apparent,
and true home is found.

Spiritual Process

Morning sun slowly rises,
mockingbird spins his varieties,
I sit in the cool, dank air,
blocked from the warming rays.
Shadows methodically recedes from the landscape
gently exposing the the bright, warm radiance,
till all is splashed with the strokes of brightness.

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