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Spiritual Poetry

Size Doesn't Matter

All of existence,
but a drop in the heart.

Silly Me

The nature of all,
It's so damn obvious!
How could I have
missed it until now?
Oh well.


Through self-concern, self-imputation
self-contraction, self-importance,
spent the majority of my life
completely missing the Obvious.

Like proverbial massive cataracts,
they clouded the View,
acted as obstructions,
formed the grounds of ignorance
and brought trainloads of suffering.

Though not perfect by any means,
via graceful vision surgery performed,
cataracts expunged and the veils lifted,
recently got a clue of how much I missed -
a View of beatic freedom,
inherence in pure Being,
and a deep wish springs forth
from my heart of hearts,
to somehow, someway gives others a taste,
to present what is possible,
detail the View,
inspire them on the road
of no beginning and no end.

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