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Spiritual Poetry

No Difference

Wind storm yesterday.
Perfectly calm today
Lonely prop plane sounds the sky.
Nothing's changed.

Paradox Vajra

When the context of basic space is known,
things are seen for what they are:
extant, but not real,
appearing but not solid,
separate, yet not-two,
varied, yet no-different,
defined, yet not bounded,
out 'there', yet in 'here',
void, yet full,
vast, yet a single point,
located, yet no 'where',
objective, yet familarly subjective.

This blissful, mysterious paradox:
diamond tipped drilling eqiupment
cutting through rock-hard notions
of self, reality, appearance, existence.


It's just Wednesday,
but feels like a Friday:
feel tired, but not sleepy,
worn, like an old rug,
intense days at work,
staying up too late
body feels like chopped cardboard...
Then it dawned on me,
through clouded mind,
I'm sick as a dog!

So what's a boy to do?
Take responsibility for one's health,
employ any remedy deemed appropriate,
and all the while:
notice the dis-ease in the body,
notice the desire to want to change it,
notice the urge to want to feel good,
but abide in that which is preference free -
simply stand and let it all be there,
the disease, the desires, the pains,
and know that this too shall pass,
as with all causes and conditions:
the boat is self-knowing awareness,
beyond mere attention,
cutting through waves, outlasting states,
transcending all forms.

But not merely the boat,
it is the Eye of pure Being,
it is the ocean,
it is the waves,
it is the oars,
it is the passenger,
it is the sky,
it is the near shore
it is the far shore,
it is the desire,
it it the no-desire,
it is the guide,
it is the guided,
it is the immanent,
it is the transcendant,
it is the sacred,
it is the profane,
it is the aggression,
it is the equanimity,
it is the self,
it is the other,
it is the path,
it is the goal,
it is the guru,
it is the student,
it is all dualities,
it is non-duality,
it is conception,
it is perception,
it is form,
it is emptiness,
it is movement,
it is stillness,
it is bondage,
it is freedom,
it is everything,
it is nothing,
it is all,
it is one.

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