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Spiritual Poetry

Close Call

I can be such a slave
To busy-ness and goals,
To doing, to enacting
That I'll exhaust myself.

And how far away am I
from addiction, obsession,
disease, poverty, insanity?
A few drinks, a few dollars,
a few neurons, a few cells,
a few molecules, perhaps?

I'm a walking miracle,
Like so many others,
That I haven't fallen
Off this precarious cliff
That faces me every second.
And I've often edge-danced
Like a youthful fool.

The gods of karma
Are brutal beasts,
And I've played their games
Like a brainwashed follower.

But the gods of spirit
Have illuminated a way,
And granted opportunity,
To step off a train,
Destined for wreckage.

Spacious spirit,
The door to sanity,
The key to hidden wealth,
The boon of equanimity,
The prize of all prizes.
The choice is ours.

Spirit Companion

Very fortunate am I
for Annie, my spirit partner.
Good company to each other.
sharing fundamental values
as a cornerstone of our one-ness.
Practicing together,
supporting each other
deepening our love
It's a boon to have a partner
on this infinite journey.


Where does the self end?
Where do others begin?
Well, let me look.

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