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Spiritual Poetry


Is there a That?
Where is That?
I want to be That.
It's so far away, That.
Could I be that?

I Am That!
All Is That!
I Am


Spirit Process

Sometime the morning fog
seems to last so long -
an indefinable, overwhelming blanket,
casting a somber spell.

Then cracks of delicious blue sky,
openings occur with greater frequency,
giving definition to every cloud.

The overcast thus takes it leave
pressed on by the momentum of the day,
naturally, easefully, gracefully,
and the winds trumpet the transformation,
freeing the radiance of the sun,
unmasking the brilliance of the boundless sky.

The Show

Mind cemented in tranquility,
discursive thoughts and perturbations
cannot harm mind's innate nature.
Self-existing radiance
creates space a space of humor and delight
reveals it's shine in everything, everywhere.
The circus of varied appearances
a Barnum and Bailey of manifestation,
all arising in the open space of the heart.

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