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Spiritual Poetry

2001, A Space Odyssey

Space, space...it isn't empty!
It's full of love!
Thick as soup,
in all directions!

Girly Show

A Perfectly calm day
or still ocean waters,
Goddess given moments,
a flirtatious peek,
a subtle hint,
when she ends her dance
to lift her skirt
and reveal her secrets.

As long as we're mesmerized
by her hypnotic dance,
she has no reason
to unveil any more.

But when interests wanes
in her one-girl show,
and the heart-impulse
breaks the captive trance,
she'll strip for you
to unveil deeper treasures.

But if you get caught
in her teasing revelations,
attached to the shakti,
or fixated on bliss,
you've traded one trance for another.

The material dance of pleasure
the spiritual dance of shakti
just variations on a theme
of hypnotic entrapment.

If you stand for none of it,
she'll stop her seduction
and throw her skirt over you,
and reveal to you
the vastest secrets.

The local strip club,
an archetypal metaphor
for the whole of existence,
just one big girly show!

Wage Slave

Back to the job
after a 12 day hiatus,
a hive of activity
with little meaning
in contrast to Spirit.

Golden chain of high tech salary
in a land of evil mortgages and rents.
Saving grace is that space of dharmakaya
is the womb of the even software appearances!

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