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Spiritual Poetry

Rags to Riches

When the mind stop grabbing
for objects of perception,
like a desperate lover,
or a starving animal,
the frenzy of self can subside.
Then the blissful space of
Self-Knowing Awareness is Evident.
An awful game of grasping poverty,
with a billion in the bank!

In Praise of Awareness

Awareness is sometimes
like a razor,
cutting through
knots and contractions
with swift dispatch.

Sometimes it's like a fire,
consuming all in its sphere.

Awareness is often
the eternal surfer,
riding the waves
of drama and dilemma,
outlasting them all,
to the ocean of blissful calm.

Sometimes like water,
awareness gently wears away
the rough edges
of self-fascination and hope.

Taking many years
to hone this skill,
awareness standing free
in its unfound nature
is power itself,
the alter ego
of transcendent Being.

Awareness, the bright vehicle
to the Happy Shore,
the most power force in the universe.
Black holes and supernovas,
destroy matter, time and space,
but awareness destroys human suffering,
so which is greater?

If there could be
an other that is God,
Awareness would be a One
worthy of worship and praise.


It's all the Heart,
without center, bounds or locality,
imbued with radiant joy,
great space of living wisdom,
ecstatic bliss of one-ness,
utmost intimacy with all,
ocean current of Love.
It's all the Heart

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