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Spiritual Poetry

Dogen 2001

Letting go of expectations
leads to letting go of memory.
Letting go of memory
leads to letting go of the search.

Letting go of the search
leads to letting go of the self mechanism.
Letting go of the self mechanism
leads to letting go of the machinery of suffering

Letting go of the machinery of suffering
leads to allowing Awareness to stand free,
which leads to see things as they truly Are,
and abiding in the Nature of all things.

Party Host

As the grog of sleep
slowly dissipates,
I become the day.

Light, sounds, sensation
fill the space of awareness
with no center to meet them
nor react to them.

The day doesn't judge or evaluate.
It lets the eternal dance
play right on through
like Kali on Shiva,
with no beginning or end,
the perfect host.

With no distinction between
body-mind and awareness
all edges are erased.
The great space of Being
is boundless.

Just as the day,
one become a perfect host
and the body, undistinguished
from the great body of Being.
lets the dance of phenomena
play its endless game.


Two butterflies
circle each other
in frantic maneuvers.
A dance of love?
Of lust? Of combat?
Would it matter any
if I never knew?

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