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Spiritual Poetry

Backyard Buddha

Mr. Backyard Buddha statue
an icon of perfect equanimity,
his gaze never changing,
his posture, perfectly still.
He sits through all seasons,
rain or shine,
never complaining, never budging.
Such inspiration to me.

But Mr. Backyard Buddha statue,
where is the love, the warmth,
the sympathetic joy?
You also make me appreciate
the gift of human life.


I vow to practice
for the rest of eternity.
Even if I have the vision
of a Buddha, it doesn't matter.
I'm committed.

I thought I was doing it
all for myself.
Since that foolishness has been pierced.
it's come to my attention,
we're in this together,
like it or not.

So now I practice
beyond any reason
for myself or for others.
I just practice.
My heart says so.


Why do I feel like
I'm living in Disneyland?
Colorful appearances,
cartoon characters,
a variety of shows,
seems all so flimsy
like a thin hanging poster,
easily ripped and torn,
revealing its joyful nature.

The people and props
are not what they seem,
but the delight is so real.
May everyone's lives be filled with
the eternal secret of Disneyland!

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