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Spiritual Poetry

Elemental Work

The endless grace of spirit,
sometimes an inferno,
burning away the impurities.
Sometimes a gentle stream,
washing away mind forms.
Sometime a cool breeze,
dispersing the knots of being.
Everyday, quite unique,
but beyond change.

Paradox #37

By doing nothing at all,
everything is accomplished.
But it really has to be
nothing at all!

Letter To My Belly

Dear Belly,

I want to ay a few words
and sing your praises.
You play second fiddle
to your neighbor, the heart.
It gets all the glory -
it holds associations
to love, compassion, spirit.
Few talk about you
and fewer know your treasures.

When your knot unravels,
like the spiral of a galaxy,
or the opening of a flower,
you're a sphere of wondrous bliss.
Moreover you're a seat
of profound wisdom.
I look to you for advice,
your words are the wisest.

When your place softens,
you become a doorway
to love and compassion,
and you change the way
I view the world.
Just like your neighbor,
you're a host to deep feeling.

You're also a place
where tension collects,
of deep fears of survival,
or a focus of will,
and when this is released,
you are the source of
unspeakable relief.

When your realm opens,
the heart follows suit,
thanks to hidden nadis,
that tie you together.

You're a spirit power
with great hidden secrets
and it fills me with joy
to taste of your depths.

Much love,

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