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Spiritual Poetry

Julia Child

Ok class, today we're going to learn
what it takes to make a batch of a
traditional, yet very contemparary meal
called 'Transcendant Wisdom':

Take 1 part ordinary awareness,
1 part ripe human being.
Remove the hard shell of
imputations of I and other.
Peel away the limits and errors
of conceptual mind.
Smooth out the rough edges
of discursive thought.
Shuck the casings
of the self contractive energies.
Pour into a purified heart,
let stand for timeless Being.

Now wasn't that simple! A very rare
dish, eaten only by a few, but oh so
tasty! Next week we'll learn to whip
up a dish of amrita stew!

Fortuned View

Slipping to the basement of reality,
peeling off the veneer of appearances,
exposing the soft underbelly of 'what is',
embodying the space of no-difference,
bathing in the bliss of non-attachment,
expelling erroneous assumptions of how things are,
inhering in utter simplicity,
basking in the warmth of unfound radiance,
embracing the vision of unqualified one-ness,
the heart delights in unbounded space.

Seated in the vastness of pure being,
with the shine of love on everything,
I am deepled humbled by my undeserved good fortune.

Is It Me?

Is it me,
or is existence
arising from the heart,
as the heart,
as it appears to be?

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