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Phil's Mondo India Slide Show
A Dancing Cobra and Humayun's Tomb

As a non Indian tourist, it doesn't take long to discover that you are the target of every vendor, tout, salesman and scam artiist that you come across. And this young man insisted on showing me his cobra, and I figured I might as well do the tourist thing. The funny thing was that the cobra wasn't all that interested in showing his hood and the young lad had to taunt him several times to do his act. For the record, these streetside cobras are de-fanged and de-venomized, but I bet that their bite would still hurt quite a bit. So I gave the boy 10 rupees or so for his little show...

The first 'wow', at least from an architectural standpoint, was the sight of this structure, known as Humayun's Tomb. This red sandstone and white marble tomb was built in the 16th cenctury by the senior wife of the second Mughal emperor Mumayun. The inner sanctum contains the crypts of the emperor and his wife, and has some really awesome acoustics. The elements of its design, high arched entrances topped by a bulbous dome and surrounding gardens are typical of Mughal architecture and this particulardesign is a pre-cursor to its more famous cousin, the Taj Mahal, located in Agra, south of Delhi.



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