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Sights of Delhi - Chartarpur Temples

I flew back to Delhi, using it as a hub to make my way through the beautiful Rajasthani desert, eventually reaching Bombay. I spent a couple of days here visiting a few sites that I missed on my first go round. But after two days, I happily left, as Delhi's air is polluted beyond anything that I could imagine - so much so that my lungs started to hurt.

One of my goals was to visit the Gauri Shiva temple in the central area of Old Delhi, but my taxi got caught in the nearby Muslim festival traffic. My driver said to me in broken English, "I show you better temples" - at first I doubted him, as these temples were in the far south of New Delhi, thinking that he was trying to boost his fare.

But when I got there, the Charturpur temples were really amazing. This temple of white marble had inner sanctums dedicated to many Hindu gods and goddesses.

Across the road from the above temple is this beautiful structure. One distinct feature is the "Star of David" or Jewish Star on the lamp post. Actually this star symbols is a common one, found in several religions.



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