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Sights of Mahabalipuram

After a couple of days in Madras, I began the last leg of my stay in India with a taxi ride throughout the Tamil Nadu state. My first stop was Mahabalipuram, a European hangout and beach resort. The town is not too big, not too small, a great place to just hang out, which apparently a lot of westerners do. It is almost as if the westerners outnumber the locals here.

Near the famous rock outcroppings and sculptures near the shoe is this 'teetering rock' which seems to defy gravity. The little speck to the right of the rock is a goat. Many centuries ago, the local Maharaj tried a 13 elephant train to move the rock, to no avail.

This woman's name is Rani and she is a worker at the local museum here. She wins the award for the whitest teeth in all of India. I promised to send he this picture, and so I did. She wrote back to me thanking me for the picture and asking for money. If I was sure it would actually get to her, I would send her a few bucks, but the Indian post office is a notorious den of thieves.

If you're interested in other pictures and accounts of Mahabalipuram, check out Jennifer's India Travel Diary.



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