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Sights of Madras/Chennai

After Kochin, I eventually took a plane was Madras, which was the gateway to south east India. Madras is a medium sized Indian city, only 6 million people.

At my hotel, I met a crazy Indian fellow named Kumar who insisted I meet his family. The 4 of them live in a 12x12 brick apartment with no furniture. Here is his mom cleaning rice. Feminist politics aside (I do agree), the food she served me was some of the best home cooking I tasted in India, prepared with great energy.

This is Kumar's dad and sister. Dad has fallen on hard times financially, but he is also a devout Shavite (devotee of Shiva), as denoted by the horizontal markings on his forehead. The daughter is 17 and of marrying age, but alas they do not have enough for a dowry. She is studying art and gave me a couple of her prints of Ganesh and Hanuman, which still hang in my home.



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