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Himalayan Journey

After spending a few days in and around Rishikesh, I booked a three day taxi tour of the Himalayas. My goal was to go to a high mountain temple in Badrinath, but it was already closed due to snow. Instead I chose to go to a smaller temple known as Tsungnath, one of the many Himalayan temples founded by the great reformer of Hinduism, Shankara.

Several hours of the windiest, bumpiest and most dangerous roads I've ever encountered (you can get a glimpse of what constitutes the Himalayan highway from the picture) in a Checker-like taxi, we came to the town of Devprayag.

Devprayag, meaning "holy confluence", is essentially the site of the beginning of the Ganges river, which you can see in the picture. The Ganges begins with the confluence of two streams here, and its considered a place where there are powerful natural forces as well as spiritual forces. Devprayag is a popular destination for Hindu pilgrimmages.

Another view of the village of Devprayag, looking south.



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