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Himalayan Journey

My journey was a 3 day trip, consisting of one driver, two guides in a taxi cab that can take a pounding that you would not believe.

Here are my three amigos - in the middle is Hari, my main guide, who has a classic and strong Hindi accent when speaking English - so much so that my tour operator decided that his best friend Sumet, on the left, should come along for the ride. Both Hari and Sumet are college students; Hari is a volleyball jock while Sumet, who speaks perfect English, like to party a lot!

On the right is my taxi driver 'Ku Ku' Jhodri, whom, IMO, is one of the best drivers I've ever been with. Negotiating the one lane mountain roads (with frequent oncoming traffic, especially around curves), I felt totally safe in the hands of Ku Ku, and gave him a big tip after the trip was over. He also took me to the Neelkanth temple.

Once leaving Devprayag, we were going along fine until we hit a major roadblock - it seems that a truck took a turn too widely and almost when down the side of the mountain. In any case, its axle got stuck on the edge of the road, and there is no AAA to call in India. So scores of people went to the truck to heave-ho it back onto the road.

While we were stopped (for several hours), we took advantage of the local chai and sweets stand for some goodies. Coca Cola is also very popular, as well as its imitation "Thums Up". India can really butcher the English language sometimes!



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