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Street Scenes of Delhi

Inbetween tours, I had plenty of time to walk through the Connaught Circle area of Delhi and get a firsthand and close-up sense of street life in Delhi. The Connaught Circle area is part of New Delhi and much less dense and chaotic than Old Delhi.

In most cities in India, the sidewalks are congested with streetside vendors selling just about everything you can imagine - it can get so dense that one is forced to walk in the street. They can be very agressive and in-yer-face, and if I give them a nano-second of my attention, they are on me in an instant. Some vendors make songs out of their selling pitches, some jabber creative chants to set them apart.

Here is a typoical vendor selling dried foodstuffs that is more reminiscent of South Indian food.

This ia a very active alleyway near my hotel, interesting for several reasons. One is that there is a smaller alley just past the umbrella on the left which houses the local internet cafe that I used while in Delhi, practically a hole in the wall, but it got the job done.

The other interesting point is the number of people in this alleyway, which is jammed day and nght, and though it is a bit hard to see, the ground is white and covered in paper. The strewn paper are the dashed hopes of the customers of the Indian lottery, a wild and sadly desperate pursuit to get rich quick I never figured out how exactly it worked, but it drew throngs of mostly male participants, and it seemed that there were freequent drawings daily. This alleyway is livelier than most streets in New Delhi.



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