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Sights of Mussourie

Mussourie is a small town and a family oriented vacation spot. I felt a bit out of place there, but the weather was so nice and comfortable...

The first hotel I stayed in was the Hotel Savoy, a huge Victorian Hotel, a reminder of the British past, with a ghost that was the inspiration for Agatha Christie's first novel. I believe I saw the ghost, and I was the only person staying in this huge, moth eaten place. I ate dinner alone in the hotel ballroom the size of a footbal field - it was so creepy that I moved to another hotel. Avoid this place unless you're a Ghostbuster.

The main mall at Mussourie is a fun place for shopping, eating junk food and other assorted touristy activities. The ski gondola is a tourist attraction that takes one to the topmost point of Mussourie for views of the Himalayas and an assortment of tacky tourist shops.



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