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Sights of Tiruvanamalai

I came often to Skandashram, and his photo is of the tiny inner chamber. I took this without a flash and opened the shutter wide to get enough light for the picture, and the camera moved a bit. Additionally, the spiritual force in that chamber is one of the most intense and potent places I've ever felt on this planet. It is like stepping into a pressurized chamber, the force of spirit is almost crushing at times. Just thinking about it now rekindles that force for me.

Several hundred feet below Skandashram, near a beautiful stream, is Virupaksha cave, where Ramana spent over 11 years meditating. It is named for its previous owner, a great yogi who turned into ash after asking his devotees to be alone for a short while. Soon thereafter, Ramana took up residency here. This cave is part of the large rock that you see above the building. Though I liked Skandashram more, this too is a powerful place.



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