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Phil's All Embracing Bhutan Slide Show
A One Day Stopover in Bangkok

Bhutan is almost exactly on the other side of the earth from my home in California, USA, requiring an extremely long set of plane flights. Experienced travellers to Asia often often break up their trip by staying a day or more in a hub city along the war. I took Thai Airlines, which I highly recommend (great service), and the hub city is Bangkok. Beyond the usual reputation that makes Bangkok well known, I found, to my joyful surprise, a deep spiritual force emanating from the temples of that wonderful city...

I stayed in a hotel near the Chao Phraya river, as it is partial relief from the stifling heat and humidity of Bangkok. On the dock of my water taxi area, I looked at the temple next door, and was taken aback by a breathtakingly ornate and beautiful building. But it paled in comparison to what is saw later in that day...

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Bangkok is a huge, cosmopolitan Asian city, reminding me a bit of Toronto or Los Angeles except for the incredible heat and humidity. There are many areas of very tall buildings.



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