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Phil's All Embracing Bhutan Slide Show
Bhutan and the Paro Valley

Finally! After a year in planning, and several thousands of dollars lighter in the wallet, fourteen of us arrived at Paro International Airport in the almost painfully brilliant sunlight of the Paro Valley. The plane ride (in an old Dornier jet) reminded of the trip that Indiana Jones took to Nepal, but the views of the snow-capped Himalayas (whose peaks were not that far from the plane!) were definitely unforgettable.

What you see right here is Paro International Airport. One plane in and one plane out every day. That's it. And only when the weather is fine. With high mountains surrounding this very narrow valley, it makes for a dangerous landing.

The two story building at the bottom left is the airport terminal. And the large white buildings across the valley are the Paro Dzong and the Bhutan National Museum.

This is the view of the massive Paro Dzong (dzong: fortress-monastery) from above and the Paro valley below. There are certain markings that designate temples and dzongs, such as a brown stripe on the upper walls and a yellow roof.



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