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Phil's All Embracing Bhutan Slide Show
Scenes from Taksang, Tiger's Nest

One of the highlights of our trip, and of any trip to Bhutan, is the pilgrimmage to Taksang, a temple the sits cliffside high above the Paro Valley floor. Taksang, or Tiger's nest, contains a cave where Padmasambhava, as well as Milarepa, did spiritual practice. Needless to say, it is a very potent place spiritually.

The elevation rise is 3000 feet from the valley floor to the temple, and even though we've been in Bhutan for 3 weeks, we felt that the hike up would be a bit strenuous in the altitude. So we rented ponies and burros to help take us two-thirds of the way up, and we were glad we did.

Many folks haven't been on a horse for a long time (or never). Here are Donna and Bonnie white knuckled, holding on for their life.

Though I haven't been on a horse in decades, I picked it up pretty quickly. Here's me showing off with a 'look ma, no hands' attitude. My pony is named Teekhang, a very spunky and independent steed who wanted to take the lead.

There are no reins to hold onto, and the saddles are made of wood. My ass was killing me afterwards.



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